News Highlights of our Summer MakerSpace program!

Highlights of our Summer MakerSpace program!

Hello Pincushion Families!
We had a fantastic week during the STEAM program at Pincushion Hill Montessori School. Each and every child contributed a great deal to our successful program. I adored guiding the children as they learned and developed STEAM concepts and skills throughout the week. Each and every child was an absolute joy to work with each day.
During the week, the children worked on computer coding using and various other programs. They all showed growth in their computer skills and computational thinking.
The third part of each day was centered around our brand new Pincushion Makerspace! The space contains technology, Our LEGO for Education materials, and various materials for students to design and create!
This was their time to use the materials to work on their own projects, together or individually.
One of my goals for the children this week was that they see themselves as creators of technology, not simply consumers of tech. Another goal for the children was to not be afraid of making mistakes, and to not give up.
I hope your child enjoyed the week as much as I did. We will continue to offer our STEAM program this school year as an afterschool enrichment on Thursdays from 3 p.m to 4 p.m. Please feel free to enroll your child (even if he or she will be attending another school). The Thursday program will be open to children ages 4 and above.
As a reminder, we do have a few openings for the upcoming school year. The elementary program is based on Montessori philosophy, while being STEM focused while meeting and exceeding state and common core standards. It is a truly child-led, small class size, individualized learning environment. Please contact me to learn more about our program.
Warmest Regards,
Nicole Lovell