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Summer Program

The Summer Discovery Program, 2018 – June 18th through August 17th
“Our Universe”
This summer will be an exhilarating summer of learning about space travel, planets, stars, and galaxies.  The children will be learning and exploring in our treasured gardens and harvesting as we go.  We will study the life cycles of the many plants and animals.
A Brief Summary of the Childrens’ Experiences
Our universe is a huge area of space made up of everything we can see in every direction.  It contains a great number of different objects – from tiny specks of dust to galaxy super clusters.  The most interesting of these are planets, stars and nebulae, galaxies and clusters of galaxies.
The Sun’s Family
The solar system is the region of space that surrounds our star, the Sun.  It holds billions of objects, from tiny pieces of dust and icy boulders to eight major planets, some of them far larger than Earth.
Our Planet
Earth is the largest of the solar systems’ rocky planets and it is the one with the most interesting surface.  Not only is our home world mostly covered in water, but its surface is always changing through a process called plate tectonics.
Note – Ms. Kathleen Wilbur ( classroom and summer program teacher ) will be e-mailing an even more detailed weekly guide.
Also our Elementary Teacher, Mrs. Lovell will be guiding STEAM activities and projects in the month of July. The focus of the STEAM activities and projects will be science, technology, engineering, and math and the connection to the universe.