News News from the Office June 2nd 2017

News from the Office June 2nd 2017

Upcoming Dates:
Tuesday, June 13th @ PHMS 3:00p.m.
End of the Year Celebration and Art Show!

This is a celebration for the whole school.
Pizza and refreshments will be provided.
Summer Program
A wonderful year is coming to an end. We are glad to be able to share with you that as of this week we estimate that
10-12 students are returning. As you make your plans for next year you can be assured of continuity in the
Elementary classroom with a core of returning students and Ms. Green with a support teacher in 2017-18. The
number is likely to grow, but this is timely good news that may affect your plans of several families waiting for this
Pincushion is looking forward to a great Summer Program! We would
love having more of our fantastic Pincushion students join us for a
summer of fun! Our Summer Program is offered for 10 weeks from
June 19th – August 18th and August 28th – September 1st.
Children can join us for 1 week to 10 weeks of the summer and stay
from 8:30-5:30. Please contact the office if you have any
Zoran at work writing and illustrating
his book about Pokemon, a new
interest of his that has found its way
into his work.
Martina displays her poster
summarizing her research
about Barn Owls.

As we conclude the year, students are doing individual projects and taking part in workshops including Research
Projects; Novel Reading; Journal Writing; Songwriting; Writer’s Workshop; and Songwriting. As part of the
songwriting workshop, a group of students including Molly, Emily, Martina, Ellis, Rhea and Ishanvi brainstormed a list
of special experiences they had with friends that became the verses of an original (and catchy) song called “One
More Friend,” a recording the class made yesterday in Morning Meeting is attached along with the lyrics.